Piano Marvel Compared to Musiah


Let’s face it, learning to play piano online is cost-effective and faster, more fun, and can become addictive. You learn at your own pace and because it is all online you can visually see your progress at a glance and know exactly what to be practicing next. The two online piano software I have used are Piano Marvel and Musiah.

Piano Marvel

Piano Marvel offers a generous 30-day free trial with no credit card input required. This was a big plus for me and got me starting with this program straight away. There is no software to download and install as it is all web based plug and play. I found this to be so much more effortless and easy to start practicing faster without worrying about the download being compatible on my computer (I use a mac). The good thing about piano marvel is that you are not forced to use a full key keyboard to use the program and this was great for me as I only had a launchkey 25 midi to try this program. The program lets you change octaves in the settings to get around the limitation of not having a full sized keyboard to use and this was good thinking on their part. It also has countless music books with all the latest songs so you can learn those as you increase your skill level.

it is $15 a month or $12 a month with the use of a promotional code (peterpiano)


Musiah offers a 14-day free trial in which you do have to input your credit card details. Unlike Piano Marvel, you do have to install a large-sized software program. It has a story mode with animated cartoon instructions and a nonstory mode for people who are not interested in the children’s animated learning feature. The animated mode would be great for children to keep them engaged while they learn. You will need a full key keyboard to use the program properly and connect to your computer with a USB.

It is $24.99 a month or get a $10 off the first paid month with the use of a promo code (peterjames)


I really liked the ease of use with Piano Marvel and the fact you can try it for 30 days with an easy sign up requiring no credit card details to be entered. On the other hand, Musiah would be perfect for someone with a full-sized keyboard with at least 49 keys so you can use the program fully and the animated tutorials would keep children engaged for longer and even for adults it is useful too, however, the story mode would become a bit boring for adults but thankfully you can set up your profile at the beginning to not include the story mode. My suggestion is to obviously start with Piano Marvel because it has the most generous free trial out of both of them. This will allow you to test the waters first. I would strongly suggest using Musiah if you have children who want to learn and to save money on expensive piano lessons. Just one hour paid piano lesson would cover the cost of a 3-month membership to Musiah.

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