Making Piano Practice A Habit

To Practice Piano effectively I have found it beneficial to view the piano as more than just piano. I like to view it as a form of therapy and self-improvement for hand-eye coordination and also as brain enhancing and refreshing, like a reboot for the brain in the same way you reboot a computer to make it more faster.

Forming a deep understanding of the pianos benefits and also your goals in piano can help you appreciate the time you commit to your practice knowing that you are working towards an admirable goal. This helps to build beneficial serotonin during your practice as you reach new achievements. 

Reward yourself each time you finish a practice session. For example, have a piece of chocolate after practice or an equivalent healthy treat you like if sweets aren’t your thing and keep that stash of treats as only for rewards so it’s something to look forward to and actually feel happy once you have finished them as it shows your dedication to practice.

Keep a journal of your practice time. this helps you to track your progress and is a good thing to look back on in review to see when you committed to the practice and when you didn’t so you can improve in the future.

Find an encouragement buddy. be it a friend or family member who will encourage you along the way of your journey and motivate you when your motivation is low. Positive support gives us the courage to take the next step and keep going. Even motivation books or movies can help with this but don’t let it eat into your practice time.

Think LONG TERM. Have the mindset of ‘As long as it takes’ instead of trying to be perfect in each practice session. Being good at anything takes TIME.

Plan your day around your practice session instead of trying to fit your practice session into your day. Practice when you know you will have time and you can focus. It could be first thing in the morning or while dinner is in the oven. 

Get Addicted to your practice. Since piano practice is a long term goal it releases the positive chemical serotonin into your system associated with long term goals. this is a much healthier way to live then the short term dopamine spikes this current society encourages through short term stimulation that all advertisers marketers and social media companies are experts in. Playing the piano is a way to stop our reliance on short term spikes of dopamine to occupy our bored mind into a more healthy way of functioning, for long term pleasure and benefits of serotonin. Piano practice is the perfect brain training tool for all ages in this modern time of instant gratification to being more healthy and longterm focused and will help you regain the dopamine receptors you might have overused so you can enjoy the simple pleasures of life once again such as playing the piano. 


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