Can You Learn The Piano Without Traditional Lessons?

With so many online piano learning programs available nowadays both online and in the form of apps you can download onto your phone or tablet, you may be wondering if they can provide the same benefits as an actual piano teacher. 

The cost of traditional lessons often puts the piano out of reach for many and thus online self-learning becomes the only option. Mozart was self-taught and he didn’t have the internet to learn like we do today, so that should prove it is possible.

With traditional lessons, the course is structured and the teacher helps you master the basics before you are ready to progress on to your next lesson. Many online piano lessons let you progress at your own free will before you have mastered the basics and this can create frustration. There is a certain satisfaction you gain from being limited to move forward before you are ready, as once you actually do you feel much more accomplished and victorious and the next level becomes an exciting goal to unlock. So Finding a piano course that limits progress until you are ready is ideal.

Learning the piano without a teacher can even be too effective. You can learn all the basics online and start playing without restriction before the knowledge has had time to really form in your brain. pacing yourself in your learning is always beneficial. 

It’s free! so starting now is good to see if you even enjoy it before you spend money on lessons    




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