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The best way to start a new skill is to commit to a little each day. Here comes the magic of Musiah:

Musiah Review

Name: Musiah
Website: Musiah.com

Price: 10-25 USD a month depending on the plan  
Owners: Brendan Hogan
Overall Rank: 100/100


Musiah lays claim to the world’s first A.I online Piano Teaching lessons created all the way back in 2010 based on 18 years of real-world research Brendan had teaching students in his piano program he was running in Australian schools, with a Million dollars plus invested into its creation. At first glance, the website seems like all the other online piano learning programs with big claims of teaching you piano the best:

how to learn piano online

But its when you first log in to the first lesson that you can instantly feel the difference from all the other piano programs out there.

how to learn piano online
Story Mode

Musiah is a downloadable software program that connects online unlike some other programs that are purely web browser-based. You then connect your midi keyboard via USB connection and Musiah automatically detects this for you allowing you to start the lessons. The USB connection allows a perfect accuracy of note detection when playing. Some other programs use audio detection but this is not as accurate as USB connection. I just bought my midi keyboard off gumtree for 20 dollars and it does the trick. Mine is the M-Audio Keystation 49e and it has a note label above the keys and I find this helpful. You don’t need to spend much on a keyboard at all so long as it has a full range of keys or at least 49 keys and not a mini keyboard that has under 30 keys. It also has an Ipad app for USB connecting too but I have not reviewed this app as yet as the Desktop version has been fine for me.

Suitable for both adults and children

The story mode is the most unique feature of the program beyond all other programs with fully animated characters and voice acting. I chose the nonstory mode thinking the story mode was too childish to play but now I have changed back to story mode (you can turn it on and off in settings) as the characters now hold my attention more than just hearing the voice of Musiah without any visual animation. Others might like not having any visual animation distraction but I enjoy it now as I’m progressing into the harder levels.


Very Affordable Plans

$10 USD monthly Single plan

$24.99 USD monthly for family plans for up to 6 people

14-day free trial to test it out for yourself.


The Lessons

The lessons are just like learning with a piano teacher. No Joke! and Very easy to jump back in after a  long break of practicing. Musiah is the Piano teacher that guides you with short and easy to follow piano lessons that you playback to him and he corrects you if needed. and the best part of the program is: YOU CAN’T JUMP AHEAD! In other programs I have followed it allowed me to be impatient and jump ahead before I was ready causing me to lose that feeling of accomplishment. In Musiah you only progress after You have finished my piano lesson successfully. The final lesson at each level is a combination of songs from that level that you have to play, albeit not perfectly, but at least 80% pass. The feeling of passing a level is fantastic and its a feeling you don’t get from other programs as Musiah really puts you in a real-life exam test mode.

Who is Musiah For?

Adults and Children. I personally am learning because not only do I find music and piano relaxing its a known brain training tool to keep the brain sharp throughout your latter years. I’ll be delving more into this topic on this blog.

Musiah Tools & Training

Musiah also has a selection of fun mini-games to sharpen your note reading music knowledge to complete in a time limit and it allows fun trying to beat your previous high score.

Musiah also has a practice feature that allows you the practice effectively with different settings you can change to suit you. for example, you can practice a piece with one hand or both and you can select specific parts of the music to practice in a loop soo you can really master it. you can also play with the backing track on or off or just with the metronome. You can also make it force you to play the right note before it lets you continue playing so it really lets you know your weak spots. its a really great feature of the program that helps make practice a lot of fun and much more effective.

Musiah Support

The support received has been very quick and accommodating, (mainly regarding the previous keyboard I was using that was under 30 keys) But to be honest I haven’t needed to contact them beyond that regarding the lessons as they are all very easy to understand. The Musiah Website also has a lot of helpful tips and frequently asked questions and many helpful blog posts that have encouraged me in my piano learning path as an adult. They also have a dedicated youtube channel that helps you understand the program more and with helpful piano tips and lectures from his many university appearances.


My Final Opinion of Musiah

A very good program to start learning the piano in a professional way with a full course of 13 levels within as well as mini-games to help increase your piano skills. With the amount they have invested in this program it definitely shows with its very intuitive and easy to follow lessons. It claims it can replace real-life teaching and it does. beyond the 13 levels, they say you have built the skills to learn piano on your own going forward and that you can then invest in a teacher to help you master the more extreme complex pieces. I’m really happy that Musiah has made Piano Accessible to many more people now who like me would have found the cost of traditional lessons a big barrier but luckily this is a Real alternative that does the same job (and probably more effectively) when beginning on the piano learning journey.

Musiah at a Glance…

$10 USD monthly Single plan

$24.99 USD monthly for family plans for up to 6 people

14-day free trial to test it out for yourself.

Website: Musiah.com
Owners: Brendan Hogan
Musiah Referral coupon Code for discount: Peterjames
VERDICT: I personally use it and love it. A Must try for interested Piano Learners